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The benefits of good corporate public relations

Ralph Savage discusses the benefits of good corporate public relations in the legal sector

Law firms have always needed to be customer facing, but there was a time when many companies relied on personal relationships alone to maintain and develop their reputation and customer base.

The personal approach of course remains valid; it would be naive to think that our relationships won’t always play a significant part, but looking beyond our normal boundaries is essential.

Legal PR agencies execute valuable corporate public relations strategies which help to manage and improve a company’s brand awareness, increase the profile of its executives and staff, raise the firm’s attractiveness to job seekers and open up markets and new opportunities.

What is corporate PR?

Corporate PR is not all that easy to describe, although we tend to think we can recognise the results when we see ‘good PR’ in the press, hear it on the radio or see it on the TV or web. It makes us think, ‘my opinion is stronger on that issue, why are they quoting him/her?’

Envy at your competitors hogging the headlines is often the starting point of pursuing a corporate PR strategy and this is not to be sniffed at. It proves first of all that you are a business media consumer, and so are your peers and if you don’t have answers for a journalist who happens to be writing a story about your area of professional expertise, then someone else will.

Bearing this in mind, the principal role of the PR agency is reasonably clear; to provide clients with access to targeted media outlets and to help deliver a message in a way in which journalists will readily accept as coming from a credible source.

corporate public relations
Legal PR agencies execute valuable corporate public relations strategies which help to manage and improve a company’s brand awareness

If your business is looking for a visible and sustained public relations campaign, or perhaps you simply want to raise the profile of your brand in the marketplace, there are a wide range of services on offer including helping you make the most of opportunities to comment on the news and feature articles, opinion article writing and media training.

Alternatively, if you are interested in delivering your own news for clients and prospects you may want to consider creating a bespoke customer magazine as this can be an excellent means of targeting the right people with a message crafted according to your own terms.

Public Relations is an extremely valuable service to businesses large and small and it can provide real benefits in terms of brand and product awareness. The right messages can help you define the strategic direction of your business so that potential investors can recognise its true value, while budding recruits will instantly recognise your firm as lighting the path to their continued success.

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A business journalist by trade, Ralph Savage represents a series of B2B clients on media and marketing matters. He provides strategic PR advice, media training and consultancy. He also ghost writes regularly on behalf of FTSE 250 CEOs, leading counsel and senior professionals including solicitors, accountants and brokers.