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Law firms’ social media usage mixed across globe

LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media site that law firms
LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media site that law firms use

A global audit on the engagement of law firms with social media practices has turned up some interesting results.

The survey commissioned by Lexis Nexis of 110 law firms around the world showed that LinkedIn was by far the most popular social media site that law firms used with 85 of the firms surveyed saying they use it. Twitter and lastly Facebook followed this with the results confirming similar findings uncovered by RTS Media’s 2011 Social Media Legal Survey. 

Despite such high numbers, significant portions of these firms have registered only a company page. Rather than using the network to engage with others and employ it to improve recruitment, reputation management or expanding the client base it is simply being neglected or used just as a presence in the social media world.

According to the Lexis Nexis Survey, North America was unsurprisingly the leading area in which law firms are engaging in the use of social media. Europe, the U.K. and other EU-based firms are following closely behind with high levels of usage earmarked in capitals such as Amsterdam, but lower usage from law firms in Paris or Zurich. 

Christina Savage
Christina Savage comments on the social media survey commissioned by Lexis Nexis

In Johannesburg, law firms tended to be more proactive when it came to social media and were visible on twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. Latin American firms on the other hand have registered but appeared to have no notable active engagement according to this research. Firms in the Middle East were only audited as using LinkedIn although this may be attributed to the use of local language networks such as Orkurt and QQ over the predominantly English speaking networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

“The most interesting aspect that came out of this survey was the focus on the dangers of ‘dabbling’ with social media,” says Christina Savage, director of legal PR and marketing specialists RTS Media. “This shows that half-hearted engagement in social media leaves clients and followers lacking the information they need and as such those people will usually go and find another source, potentially losing a percentage of followers to rival firms that regularly update their social media.”


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