Charity PR

PR = Profile = Donations = Funding = Success


When it comes to raising awareness of important causes and big issues, the media has a significant role to play. RTS Media can ensure the public and, crucially, potential supporters are aware of the contribution your charity can make.




The RTS Media team privately supports a number of charities including those that help animals, young people, cancer sufferers and the homeless. We throw our heart and soul into making sure every penny spent with us goes as far as possible. In fact, hardly a month goes by when we don’t throw in a little extra. We know it makes a difference.

If you run a charity that might benefit from our passion and expertise, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal meeting, free of charge.

We’d love to hear about the work you do and see how RTS Media’s charity team can support you in reaching your goals, regardless of how small your budget might be.