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Radio as relevant as ever for Legal PR

Radio is as relevant as ever for Legal PR as statistics by RAJAR show that a massive 89% of the UK’s population tune in to radio every week for an average of 3.2 hours per day.

Based on this data, it’s safe to say that radio still represents a great opportunity for engaging with potential clients/customers.

Elina Miezite analyses the potential PR value of radio interviews

Be ready for interview

When it comes to radio coverage for law firms, it is always best if a firm’s representative/solicitor is available for an interview. While an average radio news bulletin will devote typically 15 seconds to each headline story, an interview or an informal chat has the potential to use up to five minutes of air-time.

For the PR professional, this can mean a significant bump in the equivalent advertising value (EAV) of coverage, with on air mentions of company brands at the top and bottom of an interview worth their weight in gold.

Generating news

Radio listeners tune in on average for more than 3 hours per day
Radio listeners tune in on average for more than 3 hours per day

Whilst it is a great idea to pitch an expert commentator on current issues, law firm PRs should also be open to using press releases and cue sheets when approaching broadcast journalists. However, as for any other news outlet it will need to be newsworthy. Typically this can involve carrying out a survey or analysis of data available internally to your firm, such as looking for patterns within solicitors’ cases.

For example, Simpson Millar director of Family Services, Emma Pearmaine here speaks with with BBC Tees about her firm’s Christmas divorce survey which reviewed how separated parents were forced to share their children’s’ time over the festive season.

Community Feedback

Another aspect of radio coverage for law firms is an opportunity to hear from potential customers through call-ins. Providing advice in real-time can position a solicitor as a trusted voice and enable the interviewee learn more about their potential clients’ issues.

An example is a recent radio appearance by RTS Media’s client, education lawyer Imogen Jolley from Maxwell Gillott. Ahead of secondary school offer day, Imogen appeared as an expert commentator on the issue of parents appealing their children’s school places. After The Times featured her comments, Imogen was invited to take part in Radio 4’s You & Yours talk show call-in where she had to be on the line to answer questions to parents seeking advice. In addition, Imogen advised BBC listeners in Warwickshire & Coventry, Surrey and the West Midlands.

Often overlooked?

Radio is arguably the most effective way for brands to reach busy people and with the potential for both public and commercial broadcasters to namedrop your firm’s brand as an expert, the potential for EAV and thus PR value generation is clear.

RTS Media is a big advocate of radio as a means of generating targeted publicity for law firms. With the right story in support of a clear campaign strategy, it can be a powerful means of generating leads.


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