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New business marketing: Delivering warm leads…

Ralph Savage discusses marketing tips for launching a new product

When launching a new product, convincing those holding the purse strings to commit funds for new business marketing campaign is no easy task. Brows seem to become significantly more furrowed when digital marketing, pay per click and social media join the mix.

But providing the need has been identified and you’re confident your product or service will sell, it’s essential to consider all the channels available – and measure their effectiveness with a fine toothed comb.

We all thought we had the key to tracking an advertising campaign when we realised what this meant: a voice at the end of the phone would ask; “and how did you find our company/service/product today?”

Providing you weren’t feeling mischievous and replied that your visit was prompted by divine intervention, your response would generate valuable data for the seller into the effectiveness of their marketing spend and everyone was happy.

While face to face and relationship marketing will probably remain the priority marketing spend for some people until closing time at the bar, many have acknowledged the increasing demand for online services and so the industry has had to go back to the drawing board by integrating digital channels into their campaign mix.

Potential customers can now be reached by so many means – email, Facebook, Twitter, banner advertising, search (pay per click) – that research firm Gartner said that by 2013, “lead management campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.”

Given this plethora of options, you’ll want to think carefully about allocating your spend in order to reach the correct audience, ensure you have the right means for monitoring their response and calculating your return on investment. Tools like Google Analytics offer a low cost option to help you understand this; by allocating tags to your digital marketing collateral, you can tell the software to identify visitors from various sources related to the campaign, so for example if they click on a link from your email newsletter you’ll have data to support this fact and the same for any other source you have used for your promotion.

When launching a new product, convincing those holding the purse strings to commit funds for a marketing campaign is no easy task
Face to face and relationship marketing remains the priority marketing spend for some businesses

Meanwhile, Facebook and Linkedin have shown steady growth as advertising platforms and thankfully the former offers integration between its ‘Facebook Insights’ monitoring software, Google Analytics and other affordable platforms like Hootsuite. Traffic sourced from Linkedin can also be tagged into Google Analytics, so generating interest from this predominantly business to business social network could be valuable for some.

Businesses are spoilt for choice with the number of free or affordable tools available that can implement; track and process data from a campaign. In a business environment where every penny counts, no strategic marketing plan should be without the means to measure success.

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A business journalist by trade, Ralph Savage represents a series of B2B clients on media and marketing matters. He provides strategic PR advice, media training and consultancy. He also ghost writes regularly on behalf of FTSE 250 CEOs, leading counsel and senior professionals including solicitors, accountants and brokers.