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Media training for business spokespeople – don’t be overcautious

Examples of disastrous interviews such as this week’s LBC Radio discussion with Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett, can lead to an overcautious approach when the chance to go on TV or radio presents itself.

But everyone has a bad day once in a while and we live in hope that you’re not scheduled for a broadcast interview when you’re feeling under the weather, or you’ve been improperly briefed.

RTS Media’s training courses are designed by qualified journalists and PR experts, delivering practical lessons and interactive content so clients become confident spokespeople in their own right.

Watching a spokesperson get caught out by a completely predictable question isn’t great viewing, particularly for those who have been working hard to establish a positive image. RTS Media’s media training courses are designed to teach individuals how to avoid those situations and make the most of every single interview opportunity.

All too often broadcast opportunities are missed because, despite the PR agency’s best efforts, no one is willing to step up to the mic. We understand the pressures of having to perform live and work with individuals to ensure that when that call does come, they are confident and well prepared.

Whether your businesses uses the media to launch new products, raise awareness or debate contentious issues, our media training team will make sure that your spokespeople are equipped and able to go on the air, control the situation and get the message across.

Post by: Ralph Savage / Website:
A business journalist by trade, Ralph Savage represents a series of B2B clients on media and marketing matters. He provides strategic PR advice, media training and consultancy. He also ghost writes regularly on behalf of FTSE 250 CEOs, leading counsel and senior professionals including solicitors, accountants and brokers.