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Law firm of the week: Peninsula ambushes Zayn Malik’s 1D departure story

When the news of Zayn Malik leaving 1D reached the media on Wednesday, it grabbed the news agenda quickly off the spluttering Jeremy Clarkson saga. In a media circus like this, piggy-backing becomes the only option and this has been done seamlessly by employment law advisers Peninsula.

Zayn Malik’s, second from left, 1D departure turned into a PR opportunity for Peninsula
Zayn Malik’s (second from left) departure from heartthrob boy band One Direction turned into a fabulous PR opportunity for Peninsula

Peninsula managed to jump on the back of Zayn’s decision by talking first to the Manchester Evening News and sharing that the firm had apparently received hundreds of calls from company bosses whose’ staff requested compassionate leave over Zayn leaving 1D. The MEN ran the story early Thursday morning and it quickly went viral as other outlets picked up on the quirky angle.

This morning, Peninsula along with its employment law director Alan Price’s quotes, is mentioned in a number of national publications including The Telegraph, The Independent, Daily Express, Metro and  BuzzFeed.

Meanwhile, Alan got busy on twitter and promptly wrote a quick blog about his experiences of having a buzzy story like this shared thousands of times by online readers.

Stick to the message

It seems that Peninsula didn’t forget the overall purpose of this coverage. With a tweet on Friday morning Alan reminds employers to contact the firm for advice on any compassionate leave requests.

Alan maintained a fairly light hearted tone throughout and saw fir to mention that the firm hadn’t ‘received a single call over Jeremy Clarkson’s dismissal from Top Gear’, arguably the quote of the day.

The lesson here is that firstly, piggy-backing works. And secondly that law firms can reach out to their audience in more informal and chatty way. The rest is down to inspiration and blind luck!


Legal PR Blog scores Peninsula's performance across four media categories
Legal PR Blog scores Peninsula’s performance across four media categories
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