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Law firm of the week: Taylor Hampton gets it right after phone hacking ruling

Taylor Hampton takes the lead as Legal PR Blog Elina Miezite reviews which lawyers have made their mark from the celebrity phone hacking ruling.

Last thursday brought the court ruling for the owners of the Daily Mirror to pay £1.2m to celebrity phone-hacking victims.

Whilst in theory, taking on celebrity cases should improve publicity opportunities; in reality, PRs still have some real work to do. The press will need to know why a client should be interviewed, when a famous face is always preferable and the role of any legal PR worth their salt is to ensure the firm’s name gets a mention…

By the end of the working week, over 300 publications had covered the story across national, trade and international media. Legal brands haven’t made the cut for every story, but they have appeared in key national publications, including the Daily Mail, Financial Times, The Guardian and The Independent.

Taylor Hampton has been the most prominent firm with its partner Daniel Taylor the only quoted law firm within the FT’s coverage and a strong showing across the media in general.

Another two commentators that appear within the general coverage are solicitors Gerald Shamash and Mark Thomson. Whilst Mark Thompson got to be the only solicitor quoted within The Independent, his firm didn’t get acknowledged. However, it’s not all bad after his firm Atkins Thomson received a mention within the Daily Mail.

Mr Shamash on the other hand hasn’t been mentioned alongside his employer’s name in any instance despite features in both the Guardian and Mail.

Legal PR Blog regularly reports on the simple process of ensuring law firms’ brand names are mentioned alongside a commentator’s credentials. Of course in advance of a high court judgement or an award of this kind, a solicitor’s attentions can often be directed elsewhere, but our advice is always to keep your media relations advisers in the loop.


Legal PR Blog scores Taylor Hampton's  performance across four media categories
Legal PR blog scores Taylor Hampton’s performance across four media categories


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