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Christina Savage
RTS Media director Christina Savage reviews the legal PR headlines

Peninsula saves bosses from #Zaynpain; Thompsons tackles First Group on drug driver charge and we review equivalent ad prices for radio coverage.

March has been a strong month for the legal services sector, with more than 3,300 hits* mentioning UK brands in the country’s print and online media in the past 31 days.

Our review begins with the story which knocked Jeremy Clarkson’s BBC dispute off the headlines, when One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik announced his departure from the boy band on 25th March. We like this one because it doesn’t even matter if employment specialists Peninsula were telling the truth when they said 220 requests for compassionate leave had been lodged with their clients. The point is, it helped the law firm orchestrate the perfect piggyback, so kudos to them…

Elsewhere in this month’s news we highlight the power of a unique case study, as trade union stalwarts Thompsons, hit the jackpot when a bus driver was falsely accused of using cocaine, only for the evidence to point towards contaminated banknotes.

And finally, we look at some stories that have generated coverage on local and national radio during March, to ask whether this is an underused resource amongst the legal PR fraternity.

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*Source: Meltwater

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