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RTS Media PR Executive Elina Miezite reviews the latest headlines

Communication specialists within the legal services sector have been busy generating news as more than 3,440* articles mentioning UK brands appeared in the country’s print and online media in the past two months.

Our review begins with the recent news that UK commercial law firm Gateley is planning a £130m IPO, putting a spotlight on the concept of ‘firsts’. Ralph Savage asks if Gateley’s IPO ‘first’ could define them as pioneers if they get their plans off the ground?

One of the advisory pieces featured within the Legal PR Blog Monthly covers the big change to Google’s algorithm which arrived in April. Google introduced a major update to its mobile search algorithm which favours mobile friendly sites and ranks these at the top of the search results if a phone or tablet is used. For years, search engine optimisation has been the key to appearing at the top of Google rankings. But in step with the changes we now advise legal firms on staying at the top of Google mobile search.Legal PR Blog

Finally, May 11-17 marked a week dedicated to local newspapers and RTS Media’s team put together a range of ideas that law firms can embrace when engaging with the local media. Whether it is a case study, a press release or work in the local community, we encourage legal PRs and marketers to never discount the potential that local or regional coverage can generate.

Is your PR strategy paying dividends?

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*Source: Meltwater

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With a strong network of media contacts and in-depth knowledge of professional services, Christina advises a range of businesses and law firms on media and business development initiatives.