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Law firms with mobile sites favoured by Google’s algorithm

Elina Miezite considers if the legal sector is mobile-friendly

For years, search engine optimisation has been the key to appearing at the top of Google rankings. However, from today, Tuesday 21st April, firms that have fallen behind the digital curve will find that SEO alone may not get them to top of the search any more. So what’s changing and should law firms be concerned?

Google is introducing a major update to its mobile search algorithm which will favour mobile friendly sites and rank these at the top of the search results if a phone or tablet is used. This means that even with the best SEO team, if the site is not mobile friendly, your firm could be demoted within Google searches made from those devices.

Thankfully, Google is helping out legal marketers who may not necessarily be familiar with how its algorithm affects their site. Google has launched a website where anyone can paste a link and check if their firm’s site is mobile friendly. RTS Media did a quick check on a few national law firms which all came back with ‘awesome’ verdicts.


Law firms ready for the introduction of mobile friendly Google algorithm
Law firms ready for the introduction of mobile-friendly Google algorithm


However, if by checking through the Google site your firm doesn’t fall into the category of ‘mobile friendly’, it’s nothing to worry about. Google promises to let you know what needs fixing so you won’t have to spend much time briefing your web team, just share the link. Here you can see an example of what the Google brief looks like.

Google algorithm adviceGood luck with staying at the top of Google mobile search and remember, the key criteria that determine if your site is mobile friendly are as follows:

  • Text is easy to read without zooming in or out;
  • Content resizes to fit whatever screen its viewed on (user doesn’t have to scroll horizontally across the screen);
  • Easy-to-clink links;
  • Use of mobile friendly software.



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